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LIC of India District Center Laxmi Nagar Branch, Delhi

Last modified: February 19, 2014 | Posted in Insurance

LIC of India District Center Laxmi Nagar Branch, Delhi Contact Details

Branch: Unit No-11B
Address: Jeevan Pragati Building 1 & 2Floor, Plot No. 6, District Center Laxmi Nagar, Delhi
Contact Number: 011-28822345
Email ID: bo_11B@licindia.com



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  1. Kameshver Prasad

    Dear Sir,

    I need contact no. of 11-D branch sakarpur.

    Best Regards,
    Kameshver Prasad

  2. Neelam solanki

    Pls get back to me on what action have you taken?
    Thanks and Regards,

  3. Neelam solanki

    i had gone to your laxmi nagar 11b branch jeevan pragati building today to get the name corrected on the cheque.i had to get the name corrected on records then get the voucher made so that i can get the cheque from accounts.Mr Singhal corrected the name on records as well as on the bond. he even gave me the proof of name correction.He asked me to go to ms.Archana who turned out to be a lady with alot of superiority complex n big mouth.she got the voucher made from her assistant.this voucher i could see was lying on her desk.but she was unnecessarily making me wait for no reason.earlier she told me to wait for 5mins.i waited for 15mins and went to her asking for the voucher.she said it takes time may take upto30-45mins.i requested her that madam i have a 2yrs old daughter with me.she will feel hungry.her subordinate heared that and made my voucher quickly.i asked the man first he said he made the voucher n ms archana( idle l) will give.I told her why should i wait for 30mins or 45mins when i can see the voucher is on your table?she quickly said go and complain to the manager.I will not give you the voucher.What kind of behaviour is this?especially when you are in service industry.some of your staff is ok they atleast do their work properly.but some of them like ms archana and ashwani son(development officer) are so rude.they think ,they can behave as badly as they want.LIC is their father’s company.There is no management who can control such behaviour in the company.pls keep my identity confidential.as i have a policy going on with your company.these people can harrass me in future.This is the kind of behaviour some of ur staff has. i request you to pls train them in customer handling.because they lack customer handling skills alot.ms archana and mr ashwani soni needs training on behaviour and relationship management.if you want, i can narrate the incident happend with mr Ashwani soni as well.but i felt both the staff lack behaviour ,attitude management.
    Because of such people, most of the customers feels lic staff is bad.pls do something to keep your name.

  4. sumit bansal

    Dear sir,

    I am not satisfied with your staff because they don’t work properly last time
    when i went to submit my premium in (Lajpat nagar satellite branch) i saw the
    Manager was sleeping on duty time to see that i feel so bad can you tell me
    what should we do to seeing that kind of people.
    LIC has given very good service to his customer and we dont want to leave
    your hand because of that kind of manager
    If somebody know about it please take official action against him.

  5. suhana

    I need Phone number of laxmi nagar

  6. subrata bera

    my self subrata bera my self taken loan aig policy no-436397948 in your branch
    but now im Shifted in kanpur tell me how to pay your interest amount from kanpur
    & tell me how much Rupee will be payable
    procedure & amount mail me my id & loan department mob no

    Subrat Bera

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